Thursday, July 26, 2012

PCLinuxOS 2010 on Acer TravelMate 4150

A few days ago I tried to install PCLinuxOS 2010 on Acer TravelMate 4150. After downloading the ISO file with KDE version from a local repository, I then burn it to a CD.

Boot time is needed since the laptop is turned up to KDE screen takes about 2 minutes on the Live CD version. All devices on Acer TravelMate 4150 is detected well by PCLinuxOS 2010. I tried to explore the ability of PCLinuxOS 2010 on the laptop. Reading NTFS partitions, open several types of video and audio files and perform Internet connection. Tried a few games that integrated on PCLinuxOS 2010. Everything went smoothly without any problems.

After trying for compatibility on Acer Travelmate 4150, I finally decided to install it permanently on a laptop. The installation process is not difficult. With the GUI interface, I think even a novice will understand. The installation process runs about 20 minutes.

After installation is complete, I restarting my computer and calculate the boot time. These times faster than the Live CD because the PC version of the Linux OS already installed on my hard drive. I do more testing on the compatibility of like when I use the Live CD version.

It seems that the installation version is not as good version of the Live CD, I do not understand why this could occur. I experienced a few times crashes when opening video files, and when to upgrade to some software, it suddenly did not want to open the File Explorer. And when I restart the computer, PC Linux OS 2010 can not open the KDE screen. I can only get in on the Terminal Console.

Overall, this operating system is very good in terms of appearance. All graphical effects on the desktop can be run well. Like Cube Desktop, Transparency, Glass and other effects. From the desktop, this OS is better than Windows Seven who did not support Windows Aero on Intel 915, the embedded graphics chipset in the Acer TravelMate 4150.

I think beyond the problem of stability, PCLinuxOS 2010 could be another option for your laptop.

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