Monday, October 21, 2013

Lightning Bolt! Is Pearl Jam Getting Old?

After 4 years they do a busy tour schedule, Pearl Jam finally put out their 10th album. Album highly awaited by the fans. Lightning Bolt was different from their previous recordings, it sounds more rock n 'roll, but some of the songs comes with a strong ballad.

If you are the loyal fans of Pearl Jam, you'll be able to feel how much this album is very different. More easy listening and some fans feel this album is rather commercial. Ten is no longer as dark as, or growled like Vs, or full of surprises like No Code.

Getaway as the opening song is not too surprising me, it still feels the atmosphere of The Fixer on this song.

But switch on the second song Mind Your Manners, I am struck by the rhythm of Ramones-style punk spirit. I think everybody knows if Eddie is quite influenced by the music of the 70s punk era, but this is Pearl Jam. For some people who knew him as the bearer of this grunge is something of a surprise. Although I did not really know what "grunge".

Sirens the 4th song on this album, maybe is the most controversial song Pearl Jam ever made. Many fans felt the song was too commercial and out of musical styles Pearl Jam are anti-mainstream and against the current. Some disappointed but also many new fans who come because of this song. Just like when they performed the song Last Kiss which eventually recruited many new fans with a taste which is different than the old fans of earlier generations.

Let The Record Play one that I love from this album, begins with guitar solos of McReady that sounds like '50s era recordings. Eddie Vedder on ukulele craze seems to continue on the track Sleeping By My Self. But unlike Soon Forget or the songs on the album Ukulele Song, this song is played in full band so it does not feel lonely and more colorful.

But of all the songs, there is one song that it would become a legend of this album. Future Days will be always remembered epic that fans of all time. New side of Pearl Jam that started melancholy, which has been trying to avoid an instant pop rhythms.

I think it's hard to stay afloat in the music industry intensifies, with many new talents. Not to mention the age of the members of Pearl Jam who are not young anymore. They are no longer a Seattle teenager who jump and hung on the rig when singing Even Flow. So changes in their music that tends to be more ballad is something reasonable in their current age.

But that's how Pearl Jam, like it or not whatever they do is a masterpiece for millions of their loyal fans.

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