Thursday, May 30, 2013

Balance of Information on the Internet

Knowingly or not, the Internet is a necessity for everyone. With various needs and a variety of activities. We easily find answers to any question. Although the answer we get is not necessarily in line with expectations.

Internet is a medium of information built by millions of people in the world. Anyone taking part to contribute to the information on the internet. Including me and you. In contrast to the information that we get in the era of conventional media like newspapers, television or radio. The largely one-way (one way). We can based on the information that was made editor of the journalists who were less likely to argue about the truth or we protested. The Internet is a two-way information media. Writers are readers, and readers also have the same power as a writer.

Because that's the infinity of the internet eventually become a source of unlimited information. Everyone has the right to express opinions and information on the internet, right or wrong.

But there is a phenomenon that I have observed on the internet, the positive information that I get is not worth the negative information. For example, the services of a firm or bank. Information about complaints is usually a lot more than praise.

I think because of freedom of speech on the internet is causing this to happen. Because basically the people who were let down will seek solutions of the problem. While they were satisfied usually silent. Because we thought it was supposed to be such a service. So no need to be praised.

This causes more negative information appears. Whereas in the real world, they are satisfied and disappointed that it could be much more satisfied. But since that satisfied not feel the need to tell on the internet, then just a little positive information we have encountered.

So the purpose of this article, do not rush to judge something bad because of the information that we get on the internet. Look for other references as comparison before we decide good and bad.

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